Booting up system

Found Floppy Drive
1 hard Disk....96500k free

Turbo CORP BIOS Rev. 1.0 CPU: Lazer(R) Predator(R) X CPU 32 MHz
Speed: 16 Mhz Count: 2
Press DEL to run Setup

reading config
initializing USB Controllers... Done.

Found Keyboard
Found Mouse
Found Virtual Reality Device
Found Printer
Found Scanner
Found 56k Modem
Found USB Hub
Found Bootloop
Found Fruit Bootloop
Found Trasure
Found Kernel File
Compiling own Kernel because I can...
Compiling complete.

Mouse Driver v1.7 (c) Turbo CORP
preparing awesomeness
loading command line interface

TurboOS v2.1

Welcome to the Turbomodus website.

Type 'help' + Enter -- for available commands.

TurboOS v2.1


This is a page about the stuff i do.

TurboOS v2.1



TurboOS v2.1


List of content we made over the few years.

Minecraft Resource Packs
Waldgeist RP für MC 1.12.2
Waldgeist RP für MC 1.12
Waldgeist RP für MC 1.11
Waldgeist RP für MC 1.8
Waldgeist RP für MC 1.7.4
Adrundaal RP für MC 1.10
Adrundaal RP für MC 1.8.1
Adrundaal RP für MC 1.7.9
Adrundaal OST

Minecraft Skins
Skinpack A + B

Minecraft Maps
Headquarter 15MAR18
Headquarter 02SEP17
Headquarter 14JAN17
G.B.E.2.0 für MC 1.8
G.B.E. für MC 1.6
Antiserum für MC 1.6

RPG Maker
Sam auf Reisen

TurboOS v2.1

Command not found!

Type 'help' + Enter -- for available commands.

TurboOS v2.1


Type [command] + Enter ~ %